Version 8.4 and later - Internet authorisation

Version 8.4 and later - Internet authorisation

Software Licensing
From the 8.4 version onward, Knowledge Base has introduced an Internet based licensing scheme that replaces ALL previous security options. It involves the use of software-based licences maintained on a 3rd party cloud server.

Do note that the previous security options are still maintained for 8.3 and earlier versions, as those versions CANNOT utilise this licensing scheme.

Users are required to have an available Internet connection at all times in order to maintain the licence.

The computers where the products are installed maintain a copy of the relevant licence, but need to renew the licence from the Internet server on a random basis every few hours (maximum 6 hours between renewals).

The implementation of product licensing is no longer dependent on physical hardware dongles or customer-premises licence servers, and no longer requires a device driver to operate, which brings benefits to both customers and ourselves.

Our improved security system offers the following benefits:

  1. All licence requests, either authorisation or updating, are carried out via email.
  2. No waiting for delivery of hardware dongles and no device driver required.
  3. No failure of hardware dongles, or customer-premises licence servers.
  4. Customers can return licences (including normal and timed, but excluding trial and network licences) to the central server in order to be used on another computer.
  5. Customers can request that we issue a temporary timed licence for use on a computer which will not be connected to the Internet for a period of time.
The new licensing system requires no special installation, just an existing Internet connection for when the application is being run (in the case of Network licences), or when the licence needs to be downloaded (refreshed every 30 days after initial download).

Network Licences
This is a function of the licence entitlement settings, and a customer-premises licence server is no longer required.

The first time the application is run on a particular computer after installation, it automatically requests registration data then creates a temporary licence. This licence is authorised for all available modules and allows you to evaluate the program for a number of day to make sure it suits your needs before purchase and carrying out the permanent activation procedure. At any time during this trial period, you can activate the permanent licence. If you fail to do this within the trial period, the software will change into demo mode where all functionality relating to the saving of files is disabled.

In order to activate a purchased permanent licence, you need to email a conversion request (File > Security > Convert trial licence) to our authorisations department who will set up the necessary licence details, and email back a licence code to be registered (File > Security > Retrieve/renew) on your computer. This licence code is unique to you, and you should retain a record of it for any subsequent uses.

The procedure is the same for network licences except that one person carries out the conversion request and subsequent retrieval, and is then responsible for distributing the returned licence code to all users who will need access to the network licence.

Updates to activated licences, such as authorising another module, changing the expiry date of a timed licence, or changing the number of seats available in a network licence, are carried out in a similar way (File > Security > Request licence update). We then update the necessary licence details and email back confirmation that retrieval can now be carried out to update the local copy of the licence. Note that network licence users are not required to renew as the latest version of that licence is retrieved every time the application is run.

Licence Transfer
Licences (normal and timed) can be transferred between computers by simply returning the licence (File > Security > Return) on one computer and retrieving the licence on another computer (File > Security > Retrieve/renew) using the same licence code.

The original computer will be switched into demo mode, until such time as the original licence is once again transferred, or a new licence is purchased.

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