Version 8.3 and earlier - Software (Sentinel) authorisation

Version 8.3 and earlier - Software (Sentinel) authorisation

If you use software (Sentinel) security, then these are the required steps to get your program authorised.

Software authorisation is stored on your computer for a stand-alone authorisation, or on the network computer for a shared authorisation.

The procedures for authorising a stand-alone licence are contained in the program, under the menu item File > Security. For network licences, a separate application is installed which mimics the same procedures from the actual program in order to handle authorisation. Network licence authorisation MUST be carried out from the computer that will hold the shared licence.

Select File > Security > Request Licence Update. If this is the first time an authorisation is being requested an FGP file will be generated. If a licence already exists (and is therefore being updated with new licence terms) a C2V file will be generated.

You will be asked to email this file to our authorisation support. If you have an email client registered on your computer then the licence file can be sent automatically. Alternatively, note the path shown for the file that was generated and email it using the displayed settings using any available email client.

Once your licence has been created or updated, it will be emailed back to the same address used to send the licence request. This file will be named as a V2C file, and should be saved where it can be accessed from the program.

Select File > Security > Apply Licence Update. Select the V2C file that you received.

Do note that the authorisation remains on the computer, so you need to use the provided transfer facilities to move the authorisation between computers.

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