Application file locations

Application file locations

Other than the actual folder into which the application is installed, there are a few other locations where support files are situated or generated.

It is helpful to know what is stored in these locations, and how to view them easily should our support agent request something from you. In the following section the locations are presented in a form which you can simply copy and paste into the Windows Run input in order to open File Explorer at the specified folder.

In all cases, these are top level folders, and there will be sub-folders specific to the application and version you are using.

The general locations are as follows:

%PROGRAMDATA%\Knowledge Base Software
Location for system supplied files such as menus, toolbars, icons, script, etc. Files present can be altered when a patch is installed. Also the location for system generated crash reports.

%APPDATA%\Knowledge Base Software
Location for overrides of system supplied files as above. This folder is searched for menu files, etc. before the system location, so files here will take precedence over the same file in the system location. This folder is also the location for the 8.4 and later licence store, and the user's personal spelling dictionary.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Knowledge Base Software
Location for various log files, including the application log file which is very important.

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